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Feel confident buying your home with an easy and fast mortgage process. I'm a Vancouver mortgage broker, and will walk you through a logical step-by-step approval process. So you can choose the best mortgage to build your home and personal wealth.
Alan Harder - Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Step-by-Step Mortgage Approval

Strong Communication

We'll never go dark. So you'll always be looped with the progress of your mortgage application.

Simple Process

Our process is designed from the ground up to be smooth, so you can focus on other things in your life.

Expert Advice

You'll learn how to get the mortgage that saves you money over the long term, taking everything into account.

Great Rates, No Fees

Get competitive rate offers to save money. And there are no fees unless on specialty financing.

Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Investment

  • Step-by-step process

    Never feel confused—you’ll always know what’s happening and what you need to do. We built our business for you to feel confident the whole time.
  • A clear path to success

    You'll have all your questions answered and be kept up to date, without getting flooded with unnecessary details.
  • Flexible mortgage solutions

    Even if you have bad credit, a bankruptcy or non-traditional income, there are solutions to help you.
  • Avoid risky (and expensive) pitfalls

    As the old saying goes, the large print giveth, the small print taketh away. It's my job to know the fine print upfront, before it's too late.
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A few words from my clients

As a mortgage broker, my business depends on referrals from people just like you. Check out the feedback from a few of my past clients.
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Helio N.
Alan is knowledgeable and gave me some great advice. His response time to emails and texts is fantastic. I would highly recommend him as a broker!
Omar Fatty
Omar Fatty
Alan helped my family buy our first home. I am impressed with how hard he worked in finding us the best rate and making sure things were working smoothly. I could not be happier with Alan and would highly recommend his services to any prospective home buyer.
Andrew Burant
Andrew Burrant
I bought my first house this year, and Alan helped me out with the mortgage. [...] Alan was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, and looking back at it now, I know we made the right decisions like which lender to go through, and how much to put down.
Leah Pritchard
I needed financing for a construction, and working with Alan was a great experience. He answered all my questions and responded quickly to my emails and text messages. We are happy with mortgage. I'd definitely recommend him!

How It Works

How it works
  • 1

    Book a discovery call

    We’ll meet for about 30 minutes and discuss your goals and concerns. By the end of the call, you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of what to do next.
  • 2

    Secure an approval

    Send me a few key documents. Our team of experts will review them and bring you possible solutions to match your goals.
  • 3

    Finalize your mortgage

    You can get the mortgage funds within 3-4 weeks after you send me all your documents. You can take as long as you need.
Meet your broker

Hey, I'm Alan

Since 2013 I've been a mortgage broker specializing in the Greater Vancouver area. I also personally invest in real estate and I'm a business owner. So no matter your situation, I understand exactly what you're going through. I've helped others, and I can help you, too.

I work with people of all types, from first time buyers to experienced investors. It's my job to help you safely navigate the world of real estate financing, no matter your experience level.
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Alan Harder in Hawaii

Solutions to help build your wealth

Here are a handful of the ways I can help you

Ready to discuss your mortgage options?

Let's book a discovery call to see how we can work together.
It doesn't cost anything and there's no obligation.

Common Questions

How much of a mortgage can I qualify for?

That used to be a very simple to answer, but these days it depends on a lot of factors. Your income, debt, credit score, rental revenue, property tax amount, other properties you own. If your goal is to maximize your purchasing power, I can help you get a bigger mortgage than you can with a bank. Just one of the benefits of working with a mortgage broker.

Can you work with mortgage clients outside of Vancouver?

Yes. I'm licensed to work with clients across British Columbia. And since the COVID pandemic I've been working with all of my clients via phone and email, so geographical restrictions don't mean much these days!

Why should I work with you instead of working directly with my bank?

Short answer: I suggest you check out CBC's exposé on how bank employees are pressured to dupe customers to sell more. Keep in mind, bank reps are often good, hard working people like you and me. But ultimately they work for the bank, and the bank's goal is to maximize shareholder profits. And they're big enough to get away with it.

Long(ish) answer: Your interests and my interests are very much in line with each other. I only make money when you get a mortgage (see below), and my business relies on referrals and repeat clients. I've been in this business for a long time, and I'll continue to be a mortgage broker for many years. If you call my number in 5 years when your mortgage matures, I'll still be the one that answers your questions.

How does a mortgage broker get paid?

The lender pays me a fee based on the size of the mortgage. But my commission doesn't increase your interest rate, and in a lot of cases I can get you a lower interest rate and/or better lending terms. This is because the lender doesn't need to pay marketing, office space or a salary. But if they want my attention, they need to offer you (my client) the best lending terms, rates and customer service. This works out best for you, because my business relies on repeat clients and referrals, so my #1 goal is to make sure you're happy with your mortgage. If you don't like lender I place you with, you'll tell me and I'll stop working with them.
What makes the mortgage rate go up or down?
5 year fixed rates closely follow the 5 year Government of Canada bond rates. Variable rates are largely affected by the Bank of Canada's overnight lending rate, plus the cost and risk of arranging the mortgage. That's why the 5 year variable rate increases when there's economic uncertainty.

Should I get a fixed or variable mortgage?

You should probably get a variable mortgage. But most people end up getting a fixed mortgage.

Why? Typically it comes down to a feeling of security. A lot of people feel very unsettled knowing their rate could change anytime. But you know what? On average you'll save money, but it's often worth it simply to avoid the higher penalties of the 5 year fixed rate.

For example, a week ago (at the time of writing) my brother in law asked me about breaking his mortgage to get a lower rate. The penalty is over $10,000 on a $250,000 mortgage. That's 4% of the balance, which is staggering. If he had a variable mortgage, that penalty would have been a manageable $1,900.

I've personally seen penalties in excess of $50,000. It really depends on the size of your mortgage, the lender and how they calculate the penalty.

You might be thinking to yourself that you're not going to break your mortgage early. But statistically, most Canadians do make a change to their mortgage between year 3 and 4.

So is it worth the risk? You decide and let me know!

My mortgage with my bank is up for renewal. Can you help?

Absolutely. I can either help you switch lenders or negotiate a better rate with your existing lender, depending on your personal preferences. I suggest you ask your bank their best rate before doing comparison shopping. You can't compare what you don't know.
Still have questions? Book a discovery call.