Government Grants

Newly Built Home Exemption

Tax Break


This program reduces or eliminates the amount of property transfer tax paid for owners of newly built homes. This exemption is worth up to $13,000 depending on the individual market value of the property.


This grant applies to owners of newly built homes. A newly built home would include:

  • A house constructed on vacant land
  • Newly built apartment or condominium
  • A manufactured home placed on vacant land
  • A house moved from one piece of land to another that had no previous resident
  • A non-residential building converted into a home (ex. warehouse)

In order to qualify for this grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Transfer must have been registered at the Land Title Office after February 16, 2016
  2. Must be an individual
  3. Canadian citizen/permanent resident
  4. In order for your property in question to be eligible for this grant, it must meet the following requirements:
  5. Must be located in BC
  6. Be used as principal residence
  7. Market value of $750,000 or less
  8. Be 1.24 acres or smaller

You may be eligible for a partial tax exemption if you meet the below requirements:

  • Market value greater than $750,000, less than $800,000
  • Larger than 0.5 hectares
  • Has more than one building on the property

Additional Information

  • Must move into the property within 92 days of registration
  • Continuously occupy residence for remainder of the first year
  • If you become a canadian citizen/permanent resident within twelve months of registration, you may apply for a tax refund

How to Apply

Enter exemption code 49 on your Property Transfer Tax Return